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What style of yoga is practiced at SHIZEN Yoga Studio?
SHIZEN Yoga is an alignment based Hatha yoga studio. We introduce yoga props (block, chairs, bolster, belt, etc.) as needed to adapt postures for body types, physical challenges, and to educate about proper actions in the execution of poses. In addition to our general asana class program we offer meditation, mantra and other yoga practices in Series and Special classes.
Is registration necessary to attend a class?
Registrations are not required for open classes. Workshops and Series Classes require registration.
Can I observe a class to see what it’s like?
Unfortunately, we do not allow class observation. This is to maintain a comfortable atmosphere where students can focus on their practice as fully as possible. If you would like to see the atmosphere of the studio or compatibility with our instructors, please attend a class as a drop-in.
Can I rent a yoga mat or other props (tools)?
Students can use our yoga mats and other yoga props free of charge. You need to bring your own clothes suitable to practice in and a towel in warmer weather.
What should I wear for the class?
Please wear a comfortable T-shirt and gym pants or shorts. We recommend more tight-fitting clothes as baggy clothes can get in the way.
How much or when can I eat before the class?
Substantial meals should be finished 2 hours before the class.
Are there lockers or showers in the changing room?
There are shelves for belongings and clothes but no lockers or shower facilities.
Are classes taught in Japanese or English?
All classes are taught in Japanese unless otherwise indicated on the schedule. If you wish to take a class but do not understand Japanese well, please attend classes taught by Dominica.
Which classes should beginners attend?
Please come to Dominica’s Basic 1 or Basic 2 classes.
I already practice yoga. Is it okay to attend intermediate classes?
We recommend those who are unfamiliar with alignment or the use of props to first experience a Basic 2 class if possible, and to speak with the instructor afterwards regarding attendance in an upper level class.
Are there any classes or courses to help me obtain yoga instructor qualification?
The studio does not offer any courses for yoga teaching qualifications. This is because we aim to be a studio that helps to improve qualities (skills) of yoga instructors. We therefore offer a series class (Teaching Skills class by Dominica) or special classes for instructor skill improvement. These instructor skill improvement classes can be attended by any students who wish to pursue yoga studies more deeply, even without holding teaching qualifications.
When and how do I pay for class?
If it’s your first visit and you are not sure whether to pay for a single class or buy a ticket, feel free to take class first and pay the instructor when class is finished. If you decide to buy a ticket that day, your ticket can be used for that first class. All transactions are on a cash basis. Your tickets can be used to introduce a friend to SHIZEN. Remember first time visitors must fill out a waiver form before class. Tickets can be shared between two friends or with family members but the ticket card must be present with whomever attends the class. Only unexpired tickets will be honored. See Class Fee page for details.)
How can I apply and pay for series classes/workshops?
To attend series classes/workshops that require registration due to limited places, it is necessary first to become a member of SHIZEN Yoga Studio (free of charge). After registering as a member, go to the application page and press the button for payment. We only accept payments by credit card. If your credit card is issued outside Japan, note that SHIZEN Yoga Studio will not compensate any price difference due to foreign exchange rate or the timing of the transaction.
Can ticket expiration date be extended, or can a ticket be refunded?
We do not extend the ticket expiration date or refund tickets.
I cannot attend all the planned dates of the series class. Can the price be adjusted to the number of dates I can attend?
Unfortunately, it is not possible. However, some series classes allow a number of attendance days in the instructors other classes as a makeup for the missed dates. Please refer to the series class description for details.
Can I get a receipt for the payment?
We only issue receipts for cash payment at the studio.
Other questions regarding member registration and newsletter subscriptions:
If you have any problem logging in or questions regarding SHIZEN membership or newsletter subscriptions, please contact us at SHIZENyoga.