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Shizen Yoga Studio

Welcome to SHIZEN Yoga Studio where we have a variety of yoga classes to serve our diverse community including a several Prenatal and Postnatal yoga classes. No prior yoga experience is necessary to begin, no reservation needed, complete beginners are welcome!

As postnatal yoga classes are canceled during August,the expiration dates will be extended one month (until the end of September) for tickets bought in  May and expiring in August.


POSTNATAL YOGA is at the bottom

Prenatal Yoga Class

This class helps mothers-to-be develop strength, flexibility, and focus to prepare for birth. Through the practice of asana (poses) and breathing, we nurture the body’s needs and attend to its changes throughout pregnancy. A yoga practice to increase awareness and create trust in your body’s ancient wisdom to engage in the power of labor. 

You may begin Maternity Yoga classes after the 14th week of your pregnancy, and may practice as long as you feel well.

Preparing for Prenatal Yoga

  • You may begin from your 14th week.
  • No special documents from your doctor are needed.

Preparing for Class

  • While we do not recommend eating before regular yoga classes, pregnant women usually need to eat smaller meals more often. If you need to eat before class, please have a light snack, such as yogurt or fruit (but not a big meal!). Be sure to drink plenty of fluids before and after class, too.
  • Please bring comfortable clothes for class.

Arriving at the Studio

  • No reservation needed, for your first class, please arrive 10 minutes early to meet the instructor and fill out some paperwork.
  • If you have had any health concerns prior to or during your pregnancy, please be sure to let each instructor know when you check in before class.
  • If you feel unwell during class, please stop practicing and relax. Be sure to let the instructor know.
  • You are free to leave class at any time you need to use the bathroom.
  • As long as you and your baby are in good health, you may attend class until your due date.
  • *Ticket Fees apply to all Prenatal and Postnatal classes
    • Single Open class fee ¥2500 (Drop -in) *Suginami-Kosodate-Shien Ticket is accepted for single class purchases for prenatal and postnatal classes.
    • 5 class Family ticket: ¥11,000 (valid for 3 months from date of purchase) 

Please see below for ticket purchase rules.


About Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga classes are for mom and baby to attend together. You may attend as soon as you feel well enough; at least 6 weeks after birth (in case of Caesarean, we recommend waiting a little longer). We have 3 different Postnatal Class offerings: 

Baby Yoga(Postnatal Yoga)
This class is a good place for new mothers to begin yoga or for students returning to yoga just after birth. Mothers with babies under 1 year can attend this class.

In this class, mothers learn how to apply gentle massage and other physical therapy techniques to their babies, enabling them to monitor their babies' health and detect changes or illnesses at early stages. Traditional Japanese songs and various physical therapy methods that can be applied at home, such as Noguchi Seitai, are introduced. After the babies are relaxed, mothers do some yoga poses to help refresh body and mind, and to remove the fatigue from the daily challenges of childcare. Physiological psychological and emotional changes a new mother experiences are also addressed in discussions and activities.

What to Bring:
Massage oil -Please bring own oil-or inquire to instructor before class. (Non oil massage also okay.)
Large Towel
Bed wetting protection sheet (if you do not have one, please bring another large towel.)

 Recommended for new moms ready for more active movement and focus on yoga and themselves.
Babies don’t do yoga in this class, mom does! This class addresses the needs of new moms, focusing on strength, balance, and relaxation. As your baby and you become more adjusted to your new life together, this class focuses more on yoga for moms to do while still enabling them to care for their babies. If your baby needs attention, you can stop your practice and attend to your baby. Some moms do yoga while holding their babies; others sit in easy relaxation poses and nurse.

Preparing for Postnatal Yoga classes:

What to bring:

  • A change of clothes for your baby, diapers, and a drink (breast or bottle that does not spill) .
  • A waterproof sheet for your baby to lie on during class. We have thick blankets to put under your baby, but request you to bring something to protect the studio’s blankets for other students use. If the studio’s blanket gets soiled, please be sure to let the instructor know after class.
  • As your baby grows older, you may want to bring a toy or two; however, please refrain from bringing noisy toys.

Coming to Class:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your first class to meet the instructor and fill out some paperwork. (Please note other classes are scheduled prior to and after postnatal classes and that studio may not be open earlier than 15min before the start of class.)
  • If possible, please bring your baby to class in a sling or baby carrier. Stroller parking space is limited; please close up your stroller and store neatly to enable safe passageway and refrain from blocking neighboring doors.

 Classroom etiquette:

  • You are welcome to breastfeed during class however food is not permitted in the studio.
  • You may change your baby’s diaper during class too; please take diapers and trash home.
  • Please be aware of where your baby is, and maintain responsibility and care for your baby during class. 

Postnatal Class Fees:

  • *Ticket Fees apply to all Prenatal and Postnatal classes
    • Single Open class fee ¥2500 (Drop -in) *Suginami-Kosodate-Shien Ticket is accepted for single class purchases for prenatal and postnatal classes.
    • 5 class Family ticket: ¥11,000 (valid for 3 months from date of purchase) 

Please note:
Ticket may be used from the day it is purchased.

  1. Expiration terms of ticket are 5 stamps =3 months from purchase date.
  2. Ticket purchases are non-refundable. Lost tickets cannot be refunded, please keep your ticket in a safe place.
  3. Students are welcome to share tickets with family and friends.
  4. We do not offer a special first-time trial lesson. Please join a regular class of the appropriate level—experience is the best teacher.
  5. If you forgot your ticket at home, please buy drop-in ticket.

   There is no charge for mat rental.

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