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Shizen Yoga Studio

Dominica Serigano
Shizen Yoga Studio Director, Owner, Yoga Instructor

Dominica began teaching in 1999 and opened Shizen Yoga Studio in 2004. Influenced largely by the Iyengar tradition and the Iyengar teachers she studies with, her classes emphasize a clear alignment based approach to focus the mind and awaken the body’s intelligence. Interwoven with Vedanta and humor, her lessons reflect her love for yoga and her joy in teaching it. In addition to her open classes and series classes at Shizen, she teaches special workshops, instructor development courses, and at events in Japan.  Dominica’s workshop schedule can be found on the event/workshops page.

Naoko Watabe
Mantra Instructor

Wanting to explore the roots of yoga, Nao went to India to study the teachings of Krishnamacharya, the teacher of BKS Iyengar and Patabi Jois. She was moved by the gentle yet powerful teachings, and now goes to India every year to study directly under Krishnamachara’s son, TKV. Desikachar, and grandson Kausthub Desikachar. Nao’s motto is “Yoga is a state of mind.” She is known for using everyday examples with wit and humor, making the teachings of this ancient tradition accessible to beginners and enabling more experienced students to deepen their understanding.

Chikako Kanazawa
Postnatal Yoga Instructor

Chika began yoga in 1996 to overcome sports and ballet injuries and stress. She derives inspiration from the safe and detailed teachings of Iyengar Yoga, which enhance physical functionality, as well as the Yoga Sutras and Vedanta. She studies traditional Japanese healing arts and incorporates her knowledge from personal experiences with childbirth (both at home and at a maternity center) and child-raising into her classes. In her classes, students develop flexibility in both body and mind, and her classes are enjoyed by a spectrum of people, from mothers with young children to senior citizens.

Makino Shugen
Meditation Instructor

Shugen Makino’s interest in meditation began as a child, and he began studying meditation under Zen masters at the age of 15. He has been teaching various forms of meditation for the past 25 years, including Zen, Tao, and chakra meditation. He chooses meditation methods most appropriate for his audience, so participants gradually connect with their true nature and deepen their understanding of the ultimate question, “Who am I?”

Hideko Momose
Postnatal Yoga Instructor

VYASA, INTL Certified Yoga Instructor/Japan Yoga Therapy Society Certified Yoga Therapist

Hideko’s classes are known for deep relaxation, and they heighten awareness of the body-mind connection to balance both physical and mental energy. Hideko was inspired to become a yoga instructor after meeting Swami Chidananda and other teachers at a Sivananda ashram. More recently, she was certified as a yoga therapist. Hideko teaches prenatal yoga at SHIZEN, based on her experiences of overcoming anxiety and regaining balance through yoga during her own pregnancy, labor and child raising years. 

Hisako Kanda
Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Yoga Alliance RTY500/ Yoga Ed kids yoga instructor/ VYASA, INTL Certified Instructor
Hisako began yoga as a busy mother raising three children. Yoga broadened and enriched her view of the world and has continued to be an integral part of her daily life. She studied hatha yoga, pre and post natal yoga, and yoga for kids—all of which are relevant to various stages of women’s lives. She is inspired to teach so that people can experience the benefits of yoga, a practice that can be continued into motherhood and the later years in life. Hisako’s classes emphasize alignment, deepening understanding of oneself, and cultivating strength and grace in body and soul.

Keiko Okuno
SHIZEN Yoga Instructor

Yogaworks Certified Instructor/ Restorative Yoga Instructor

Keiko is well known for her understanding of alignment and clear explanations. Her teaching is strongly influenced by Iyengar Yoga and emphasizes alignment. Keiko brings attention to the changing sensations of the body to facilitate balance between body and mind. She assisted Iyengar Yoga teacher Marla Apt for three years and has also studied under Lisa Walford and Annie Carpenter (flow yoga). Keiko was the first Japanese to receive Yoga Works’ Certification upon completing their Yoga Alliance 500 hour teacher training in Los Angeles.

Mutsuko Torii
SHIZEN Yoga Instructor

Yoga Alliance RTY 200H

Mutsuko began yoga to alleviate hay fever. She began hatha yoga in 2000 trying various instructors and styles of yoga. In 2006, she began studying with Dominica Serigano. Mutsuko began teaching in 2009. Inspired by Dominica’s emphasis on alignment in both body and mind, and her enthusiasm for yoga, Mutsuko places an emphasis on creating an enjoyable class environment for students to find a comfortable balance between body and mind.

Tamami Fukuda
SHIZEN Yoga Instructor

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Miki Wada
Prenatal Yoga instructor

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Mari Takeda
SHIZENyoga Instructor

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Sachiko Sakai
SHIZEN Yoga Instructor

Sachiko began studying Iyengar-based yoga in the United States in 1997. Since then, yoga has become an important way for her to connect with body and mind. Upon returning to Japan in 2000, she began studying primarily under Dominica Serigano and completed Dominica’s teacher training after SHIZEN Yoga Studio was established. In Sachiko’s Gentle Yoga classes, students enjoy the benefits of yoga, regardless of confidence in athletic ability or flexibility. She encourages students to observe both physical and lifestyle changes by bringing awareness to the body through careful repetition of poses

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