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Please refer to the following guide when you choose classes.

  • Students new to yoga or new to yoga at SHIZEN → Basic 1 or Basic 2 
  • For those who wish to practice gently in a supportive environment →Gentle Yoga
  • Focusing on deeply relaxing→Restorative Yoga or Deep Relaxation
  • Pre and Postnatal Yoga → Prenatal Yoga→ Baby Yoga/Yoga Moms
  • For those wishing Meditation and Philosophy → Meditation,Svadyaya, or Series Class (Need booking)
  • For those developing your practice → Intermediate, Special Class, Series Class

Basic 1

Recommended for those new to yoga , unfamiliar with  props or the alignment approach of SHIZEN Yoga, or for students who would like to establish a clearer understanding and foundation of the basics.

A class to become familiar with your body, your breath, the basic structure of poses and correct use of props.  This class will begin to develop stability, flexibility and balance, utilizing alignment principles through the practice of a variety of fundamental postures including preparation for and introduction of shoulder stand.

Basic 2

Recommended for continuing students from Basic 1, experienced yoga students unfamiliar with the correct use of props or the alignment approach of SHIZEN Yoga, or who would like to continue to review or continue to establish an understanding of the basics.

A class to build upon the primary understanding of Basic 1 and to increase core strength, flexibility and balance, through the practice of  more challenging fundamental postures. Shoulder stand (or shoulder stand preparation) is a regular part of the practice in addition to preparation for and introduction to headstand and backbend. The fundamentals and introductory exercises of breathing will be introduced.


Recommended for continuing students from Basic 2 or students who are familiar with props and principals of alignment established in Basic 1 and Basic 2.  Intermediate classes apply the principals of alignment from Basics 1 and 2 towards more challenging poses that require increased strength, flexibility and balance. This class includes back bend, headstand and shoulder stand practice in addition to the development of shoulder stand variations, and hip openings for lotus.

Mon 9:00 Class
1st and 3rd week class: asana study.
2nd and 4th week class :pranayama and meditation. 

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is recommended for those who are concerned that regular classes may be too rigorous, or for students who prefer a gentler pace. In Gentle Yoga, both standing and sitting poses will be practiced without strain, facilitating the flow of energy and allowing for confidence to build naturally.
Class begins with an all-around, active practice, while the second half is spent in relaxation.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga focuses on deeply relaxing and rejuvenating the body and mind. This class involves a longer holding of poses, which are usually deeply supported by bolsters, blankets, blocks or other props. It allows the body to be in a comfortable and restful position. By staying for several minutes at a time in gentle forward bends, back bends, twists, inversions (as simple as putting the legs on a bolster), the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated and it helps balance the body and mind. Restorative yoga helps relieve stress, release tension and recover from injury or illness. Ideal for every one.

Deep Relaxation

This class is to reach inward and release a very deep sigh from the bottom of your heart in a safe environment.  Each class explores methods to deeper relaxation through supported restorative poses held for longer time and breathing practices to rejuvenate our heart, mind, and body. Instructors will draw upon their knowledge of techniques and practices to help you explore ways to release physical, emotional and mental pressure and facilitate your deepest relaxation. All levels of student are welcome.

Zagaku(Special Class or Series class)

The Zgaku is the generic name for a No asana class. These classes are composed of meditation, philosophy and yogic studies . 
Meditation and Mantra Classes are curently offered as series classes only. Please see series class page for details.

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