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Shizen Yoga Studio

Welcome to SHIZEN!

We have a variety of yoga classes for men and women of all ages and abilities.If you are planning to visit SHIZEN for the first time, whether you have or have not done yoga before, please read this page. It contains information about choosing, and preparing for classes at SHIZEN. We look forward to seeing you at the studio!

Preparing for a yoga class

* Refrain from eating a large meal within 2-3 hours prior to class; do be well-hydrated.
* Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the class start time to fill out the waiver form, and orientate yourself with the studio.
* Ladies, please inform the instructor if you are on your menses; some poses should be avoided during that time of the month.
* Please be sure to inform the instructor if you have any physical problems or injuries that might affect   your practice
* Please turn off your cellphone, or set it on silent mode.
* Leave water bottles and personal items in the dressing room.

What should I wear?
Please wear non-restrictive clothing that you can move easily in, but which is not so loose that it gets in the way. Shirts are required and non revealing clothes are preferred.  A fitted T-shirt and gym pants or shorts are fine. Expect to be barefoot for class. Also, please remove large jewelry and refrain from wearing strong perfume. A changing room furnished with shelves and hangers is available at the studio for your use.

Can I watch a class to see what it’s like?
Unfortunately, it is not possible, for two reasons. First, to respect the students in class. Doing yoga requires one’s full attention and focus, and being watched can be distracting, to say the least. We try to maintain a comfortable atmosphere where our students can focus on their practice as fully as possible. Second, experiencing yoga by doing it is far superior to watching; it is not something to be observed from outside, rather, something to be experienced from within. If you’d like to try a class, please come and do so!

Do I need to buy or bring a mat?
Shizen is a fully stocked studio with mats, belts, blocks, sandbags and blankets for use of all students.You are welcome to bring your own mat: however, we have mats at the studio which you are welcome to use free of charge. Please be sure to clean your mat when you are finished with the spry and cloths provided at the studio before returning it.

When and how do I pay for class?
If it’s your first visit and you are not sure whether to pay for a single class or buy a ticket, feel free to take class first and pay the instructor when class is finished. If you decide to buy a ticket that day, your ticket can be used for that first class. All transactions are on a cash basis. Your tickets can be used to introduce a friend to SHIZEN. Remember first time visitors must fill out a waiver form before class.
Tickets can be shared between two friends or with family members but the ticket card must be present with whomever attends the class. Only unexpired tickets will be honored. See Class Fee page for details.

Do men do yoga?
Yes! They certainly do! Although yoga is more popular with women, the number of male students is increasing, and we encourage you to join our growing number of male students.

Are classes taught in Japanese or English?
Unless otherwise indicated on the schedule, all classes are taught in Japanese, with main points in English as needed for some classes.

Where do I begin?
We have a variety of open classes to begin yoga at SHIZEN.
Open classes are our regular Hatha Yoga classes, which are open for any student to attend at their convenience. A variety of open classes are offered every day, from introductory through advanced levels. If you are new to yoga, begin with a Basic 1 class to orientate you with the props, traditions and procedures of a yoga class. Please read through the Class Descriptions to choose the appropriate level and class for you.  All classes are 90 min long.

Other kinds of Classes and Workshops:

In addition to Open classes there are Special Classes and Series Classes.
Special Classes are open classes offered on holidays or irregular available times in the monthly schedule.. Please see the news for more information.
Series Classes are a set of closed classes offered for a 4 month period that are registered for and paid for in advanced by the participating students. For more information see the Series Class Page.

Workshops and Retreats are also offered at various times throughout the year. 

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