SHIZEN Yoga Studio was opened by Dominica Serigano in 2004 to bring quality yoga to our community and to create a friendly community through yoga.
Open daily, our schedule offers a variety of asana classes and levels to meet the diversity of students in a supportive environment. For someone wanting to improve their health or relieve stress, classes are easy to begin and can produce satisfying results, often exceeding expectations.

Our alignment based classes are taught by a select group of experienced instructors with an approach to inform and educate the participant. Thus, our classes are useful for instructors wishing to improve teaching skills, people who are aiming to become instructors, or people in general who wish to begin or improve a home yoga practice.

Believing the real benefit of Yoga reaches beyond the physical practice of asana, we also offer some classes in meditation, mantra, philosophy, and other important aspects of yoga which facilitates a balance of good physical health, mental stability and can expand spiritual awareness.
This is the vision of high-quality yoga that SHIZEN Yoga Studio is always striving to provide.

ABOUT : Our Studio Space

ABOUT : Our Studio Space

Our spacious studio can accommodate classes of up to 25 students and workshops of up to 35. The studio is fully stocked with a large variety of quality props for each student to use including mats, blankets, belts, blocks, bolsters, and chairs. SHIZEN Yoga Studio is a short 4-minute walk from Kichijoji station.