Class 5, Intro/Level 1 Series with Domi continues…

So here I am on week 5, and my journey continues. The last two lessons have seen us preparing for handstand and shoulder stand poses. I have to start being more careful about what I wish for I think – number 10 on my current wish list is in fact ‘I wish I could do a handstand’, which is all well and fine, until I do actually find myself standing on my hands, (albeit with my legs supported by my chair and not up in the air). This new perspective is quite alarming, and extremely disconcerting to begin with, though when I do eventually get myself the right way up again, feel quite pleasantly ‘blissed out’.

I find a similar thing happening when in this week’s lesson (lesson 5) Domi starts getting us ready for backbends. As she starts to demonstrate how we are going to use the chair as a support, to enable the body to bend backwards, a very vivid memory of my first attempt at this comes racing back to me. I can feel my eyes widen and the panic sets in! We do this one with the support of a partner (whom I politely let go first). This helped tremendously to provide just that extra little bit of human support that can make all the difference.

And before I know it, I am doing what my mind and body just told me a minute ago I could not, and am leaning over the chair, in my first step to a backbend. Looking at the world around me from this inverted perspective, the blood rushing to my head; I feel a wonderful lightness in my body. I do believe that I have found that ever elusive ‘yum’ factor that Domi keep telling me about. Bliss :). (Albeit for a few moments, but hey, I’m not complaining!)

So this week I think about things in my life, which I label ‘impossible’, and as a result do not normally even attempt. These can come in the form of physical challenges, but more often than not are of a more psychological or mental nature. Perhaps if I can just try to apply the same principles to the backwards bends, as I do to these other challenges, I will begin to realize that nothing is impossible. I certainly have renewed hope after today’s lesson.