June 2010

As things begin to heat up as we head deeper into summer, we are all naturally perspiring more during yoga practice.  We encourage you to please bring a personal towel to your practice in the studio to use on top of bolsters and on blankets before lying down on them. This will  keep props cleaner and drier  for everyone to use from class, to class.

Please also note that air conditioning is used minimally in the Shizen studio during the summer to avoid the health problems associated with strong air conditioning.

Air conditioning aggravates the effects of arthritis and neuritis and can irritate the sinuses. Studies have consistently shown that the people exposed to air conditioning are more susceptible to colds, flu and other minor ailments.

As it has also been proven that the body undergoes a certain amount of stress when it is forced to go from a boiling hot environment into an air conditioned one and back again, we keep the studio as aired out and at a seasonally natural temperature as possible.

Using air conditioning minimally is also more effective for the environment!

Dominica’s report in English follows below…..




ナオ先生率いるいろいろな民族楽器によるSHIZEN 楽団も結成!






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On Wed June 16th  I taught the “Teaching Skill Up” workshop translated by Madoka and assisted by Hisako and Ineko. I really enjoy meeting and getting to know different teachers from a variety of yoga studios and teaching circumstances. Although we teach different yoga styles, we all have the same desire to grow as teachers and improve our teaching skills to help students meet challenges and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

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Connecting with other yoga teachers and seeing their enthusiasm, hard work and improvement is especially rewarding for me as a teacher.


My special thanks to Madoka, Hisako and Ineko who are with me each time and their dedication in working with the attending teachers and helping me to bring Shizen yoga into a broader community.


And thanks to Yogaworks for all their support and hard work in bringing in all the great props and mats for us to use!

 We have learned to see in bread an instrument of community between men—the flavor of bread shared has no equal.  ~~Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French pilot and poet (1900-1940)



My daughter Luna and I were provided with a special surprise for my birthday- a bread baking party at The Forest bread baking studio,  owned and operated by long time yoga student and Shizen community member Tomoko.


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Not sure what to expect, we brought our aprons, a bag for “take home”  and an open mind along with us as we were instructed. Arriving at The Forrest with another friend, everything was neatly prepared by Tomoko and her two daughters and ready for our bread making to begin.


From the introduction of the whole grains of wheat for grounding, to the sifting,  preparing, kneading, baking, and finally the eating of our creations Tomoko was an informative, patient teacher, guiding us through each process and making it fun and interesting for all of us.


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My daughter was delighted with the “hands on”aspect of everything and is now more knowledgeable about how wheat from the fields is made into the various breads we eat. Although I enjoyed the quality time spent with my daughter and friends, she enjoyed creating something delicious to take home and proudly  share with her father.

ルナは、全ての工程を自分の手でやってみることが嬉しく、そして、畑で収穫された小麦が、どうやって日ごろ食べているいろいろなパンになるのかも知ることができました。 私は娘や友人との上質な時を楽しみ、一方ルナは、パン作りにいそしみ、持ち帰ったパンを誇らしげに父と一緒に食べたのでした。


At The Forest, only organic, fresh ingredients and only natural real yeast are used. (Even the cleaning products in the kitchen are all environmentally safe!)


I highly recommend this rewarding and delicious experience. For more information about making bread  or having bread baking party please contact http://theforest.jp


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国際的に著名なアイアンガーヨガインストラクターである ガブリエラ・ギュビラロ師は,33年間のヨガ経験を持ち、 明確な説明とユーモアを交えたヨガの教え方で有名です。 1973年からドナ・ホレマン師の下でヨガの勉強をし、16年間 助手として働きました。1983年にアイアンガー師の指導も 受け始め、1989年にイタリアのフィレンツェてでアイアンガー ヨガセンターを設立しました。ガブリエラ先生の指導を受けると初心者も上級者も新しい 気づきと共に、ヨガへの理解、そして自分自身への理解が必ず深まっていきますので、ぜひふるってご参加ください。 <プロフィール> 詳細・オンライン申し込みはSHIZENのホームぺー をご覧ください。 申込締切は6月21日 からです。お早めにお申込ください。


Shizen Yoga Studio proudly welcomes the return of Gabriella Giubilaro to Tokyo this July 17~19 for 6 exciting workshops. Online registration begins June 21st. For workshop details and registration please see the Shizen workshop page.

Gabriella is widely known for her dynamic teaching of Iyengar yoga, her good humor, her attention to individual needs, and the clarity of her presentation. She believes in communicating the essence of the yoga postures through simple, but meaningful explanations that help her students discover the intelligence of their own bodies, challenging the students so that they can experience their maximum potential.

After receiving her doctorate in physics at the the University of Florence, Italy, Gabriella decided to dedicate her life to yoga in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar. She has been studying with the Iyengars yearly since 1983, teaches internationally, and holds an Advanced certificate in this method.









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Yoga is such a wonderful boon to everyone and especially to women. The right yoga poses can address the needs of our cycles and the changes our body goes through from day to day, week to week, each month. It can help us to create a stable middle  ground and avoid the roller-coaster ups and downs our hormones often create.  I would like to recommend  The Woman’s Yoga Book- Asana and Pranayam for All Phases of the Menstrual Cycle by Bobby Clennell as a helpful aide for your home practice. Informative and easy to follow with lost of information and illustrations to guide you it is available and on sale now at Amazon.com.jp   for ¥1,881.


One of the most educational and profound yoga study experiences I have ever had was the 2 week  Yoga and Sound workshop in India with Ramanand Patel and Mukesh Desai in 2001.  Although Ramanand will be coming to teach again at Shizen March 11th- 13th 2011, I would highly recommend attending his Yoga and Sound workshop in India if you have the opportunity. The next Yoga and Sound workshop is  currently scheduled for Feb 13th to 27th 2011. Please read below!


Join world wide respected yoga instructor Ramanand Patel and world renowned classical Hindustani musician Mukesh Desai for a special one or two week yoga retreat  Feb 13th to 27th 2011. Held at the Ashram of Swami Dayananda  by the holy Ganga river in Rishikesh India, the Yoga and Sound Workshops combines the masterful yoga instruction of Ramanand Patel with the masterful musical accompaniment of Pandit Mukesh Desai. Both leaders in their respective fields, they combine their expertise, playfully, lovingly and joyfully guiding students on an insightful journey which encompasses sincere self discovery, and a subtle and deeper penetration of yoga as well as the delightful pleasure of music and singing. For more information (sorry English only) please see  Ramanand’s Webpage.

Reservations and deposits must be made and received by September so don’t procrastinate!







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