May 2010

 A new small Korean restaurant named マダン (Modern)has just been added to the vegetarian dining list options in Kichijoji. I ate there today and enjoyed a great and affordable 石焼バビンバ (hot stoneware babinba )for ¥800 including small salad, and really good キムチ(kimuchi)。My friend ordered a lovely spicy stewed tofu dish. (photo below) Although it is small, it is clean, the service is quick and the women there are very friendly. Take out bento is also possible in addition to a variety of Korean specialties like kimuchi. マダンis located on the small side alley road to the left of Excelsior Cafe on Sun Road.  When you enter the street you will see it on your left.  Another way you can enjoy eating vegetarian!



今日は、火曜日の17時半から19時まで行なっているリストラティブヨガについて、生徒さんの一人 Tricia が紹介文を書いてくださったので、ご紹介します。

Hi. My name is Tricia and I go to Keiko’s Restorative Yoga class every Tuesday at 5:30pm.   I look forward to this class all week.  As you probably already know from taking one of Keiko’s other classes, she is a wonderful teacher.  I feel like Keiko always knows exactly what I need so I can improve without feeling stressed.  Keiko also explains things very clearly so I learn a lot about yoga and my body.  But the reason I love this class in particular is that not only do I leave Shizen feeling completely relaxed and refreshed (I definitely have more energy after class) but I also feel like I have had a good stretch.  I think Restorative Yoga is a great class for anyone who wants to work on particular problems such as back pain, scoliosis, or an injury as all the poses are supported by props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, and ropes.  My two main problems are that I need to open my chest and also one of my sides is shorter than the other which makes my back curve.  By relying on the props for support and I can relax into the stretches instead of straining to hold a pose and this has helped me make a lot of progress.  I find the restorative class really therapeutic. I hope you’ll come to Keiko’s Restorative yoga class to experience this for yourself.
Hope to see you there!







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We are all connected by the breath , by dharma and the universal energy,Isvara. Awareness of this connection enables harmony in our self and in our environment but for many of us this is an easy concept to imagine but more difficult to actually feel.

Connection is not always easy or come naturally to do, especially with strangers. Some people are more challenging to connect with others. In a large city like Tokyo where there are so many people around us in a close proximity at any time, how many of them do we really try to connect with or feel connected to? (more…)

I often say that my daughter Luna is my “guru”.  Watching her I can see myself in so many ways, especially the personal habits and patterns of mine that she has taken on as her own. Some are admirable and others are not. She is my mirror, reflecting me. Most times she does what I do rather than what I ask her to do, following my actions rather than my words. Other times when I think she is not listening to me when I speak, a few days later she will repeat the phrases I spoke in frustration or anger. THOSE are the ones she seems to listen and use back at me most!