July 2007






Class 9, Intro/Level 1 Series class with Domi

It’s one of those mornings for me today. I wake up late, can’t find a thing to wear, the weather is gloomy, I have a million things to do and not enough time to do half of them and….

…and then I walk into the studio. Music and chanting from another world greets me, and blows that big black cloud hanging over me far, far away. I look over the counter to see Domi in headstand (some day, some day…maybe I’ll put that on my wish list), and three other members of the class sitting cross-legged, eyes closed in meditative state. It is a very beautiful moment indeed.


Now that we are officially into summer more and more students are bringing bottled water onto the practice floor. This is especially popular in “hot yoga” studios and yoga studios where there is an intent to purify the body through active asana that creates a lot of sweating. In SHIZEN the studio is not an artificially created heat but the natural temperature of outside. We keep the windows open for ventilation as much as sound and weather allows, to encourage a natural setting for yoga to occur. This also enables the body to adapt more easily to the diversity of the seasons. We do not encourage drinking water during the practice. During the asana practice the body is heated through movement and breath and there is the bodies natural response of sweat and perspiration as a natural coolant/thermostat and cleansing. Drinking water cools down the internal body, and interrupts this process sending mixed signals. The proper way to prepare for practice during the summer months is to drink plenty of water throughout the hours before your practice. Make sure you are well hydrated before class begins. Leave your water bottle in the changing room, and be sure to hydrate yourself again after your practice is finished. This approach is one more way in which we reawaken our body’s natural intelligence.