May 2007

Class 3, Intro / Level 1 Series class with Dominica

Living in a city like Tokyo, it is easy to become distracted. The choices are endless, especially when it comes to ‘quick-fix’ solutions for our weight and health. We are bombarded by images of ‘perfect beauty’, ‘the ideal shape or figure’ and given a quick-fix way to get there. Whether it be chocolate flavoured health shakes (don’t even let me get started on the preposterous notion of chocolate flavoured ‘health’!!), miracle diet pills or drinks, or electronic fat-busting gadgets, the one thing they all have in common is short term quick fix solutions. It is a seductive idea for sure. Just take this yummy shake for a month and hey presto you will have the ideal figure. The pressure is on, but in reality the chances of getting there and staying there are (excuse my unintended pun) slim, and you know someone’s making a nice little profit out of your unfulfilled and unrealistic expectations.

So where does this all fit in with my yoga blog?


Thank you to everyone who joined Gabriella Giubilaro’s workshops over Golden Week. It was a great set of workshops, from the first Intro-level class, to the popular Hips and Knees and Healthy Back classes, to the challenging Inversions and High Intermediate classes. We hope to bring her back in the next year, so keep reading your notes and lifting those kneecaps! We look forward to your participation in future workshops at SHIZEN!

Class 1, Intro/Level 1 Series class with Dominica

It’’s been over a year since I rolled out my mat at Shizen, – a much longer break than I had intended - so it is with much excitement and a little apprehension (are my muscles going to hurt tomorrow?), that I take a deep breath and settle down to the first class of this 12-week series. The majority of my classmates are ‘returnees’ continuing on from an Intro Series class. Like myself, they know a good teacher when they have found one.

‘It’s good to have a destination,says’ Dominica as she starts the class, ‘but it is the journey to the destination where all the fun is.’ Well, with spring well and truly in the air, having some fun sounds like just the ticket.