March 2007



Thank you to everyone who participated on  Karma Yoga Day March 21st to make it such a great success. Together all our efforts raised ¥175,000 for charity, so we will be sending 87,500 yen each to JIM-Net and Burmese Relief Center–Japan. Also, thank you to those who baked cookies and sweets! We look forward to seeing everyone again at more Karma yoga activities and events in the future!




 Gabriella Gubilaro is coming to SHIZEN during Golden week. Many students new to yoga wonder “Why the excitement?” or “What does this teacher or workshop have to offer that I can’t receive from my regular teacher or regular class?” These are good questions.

Gabriella’s workshops are very special opportunities to learn yoga from an instructor who is among the world’s best. A senior teacher like Gabriella, who has been doing yoga for more than 30 years, has a wealth of yoga knowledge and experience surpassing that of other teachers. With her vast knowledge and years of experience, she can quickly spot your blocks and weaknesses and help you to see clearly and quickly how you need to work though them.  Gabriella inspires her students with her passion, dedication and application of yoga. The experience of studying with a senior yoga teacher in a workshop deepens your own understanding of yoga asana, and is an opportunity to sharpen your skills of discipline and reestablish your dedication to your yoga practice.

Because a yoga workshop is an intense and compact learning experience, everyone tends to be more focused, a little more serious in their approach as a student. As the class duration is longer, there is more time for deepening in poses and observing the process of doing them. Often in a workshop, the teacher’s guidance enables us to go forward in our practice by bringing us out of our regular routine. A senior instructor can clearly show us where our bad habits are, exposing our pattern of limitations and challenging them. We can then see how we can improve, and are inspired by our own potential and by the teachings. The experience of the workshop stays with us for a long time after. It lingers in our hearts like the notes on the pages in our practice notebook. It is always there for us to reflect upon, study and learn.

先日、六本木を朝歩いていたら、「Lakestyle」というFree Magazineをもらいました。その中に、日常にとても役立つ、水の使い方について書いてあったので、皆さんにShareしたいと思います。




ガーーーン! そう感じた人は私と一緒に、汚れのついたお皿を、まず、トイレットペーパーでふき取ってから、洗いましょう。その方が、洗いやすいし!









ヨガのアサナ(ポーズ)の理解を深めたい方、アサナを通じてヨガの理解を深めたい方は、ハタヨガ入門、入門(継続)、入門・レベル1、レベル1・2のクラスがあります。瞑想にご関心のある方、自分を見つめたい方は、”Journey of Discovery”(「自分を発見する旅」)というクラスへ是非どうぞ!チャンティングのクラスと、チャンティングとアサナを両方合わせたクラスは、クリシュナマチャリア(現代ヨガの父と呼ばれている人)の教えに基づいてクラスが行われます。そして、ヨガは呼吸なしではなりたたない(呼吸なしでは、何も出来ませんね…)、呼吸をもっと理解したい方、プラナヤマのクラスがあります!2年前は、入門シリーズしか行われていなかったと思うと、SHIZEN(スタジオだけではなく、通ってくださっている皆さんも)勢いでヨガ・ヨガライフが進んでいるように実感します。一緒に成長していきましょう!インストラクターとして、皆についていけるかが心配なときもあったりしますが…^_^; 皆さん、このようにいろんなクラスを可能にしてくださって本当にありがとうございます!(マドカ)


Registration for our new series classes has begun! Series class offerings include intro to hatha yoga, more advanced classes, chanting, pranayama, and meditation. Registration for each series will be available until April 12th or until the series is full, whichever comes first. Classes themselves will begin in May. See the the Series Class page under the Schedule menu for details.

みなさん こんにちは BABY YOGA 担当のチカです。

さて、今回  yogainfo.jpというサイトのページの
今週のYOGAスタジオをいうコーナーで BABY YOGAのクラスが取材を受けました。
もしこれから BABY YOGAのクラスを受けてみようかとご検討なさっている場合、


ママがキラキラ輝き 赤ちゃんがニッコリで~


“From focused attention concentration is gradually developed”
With my flashlight of observation I am on a journey to illuminate and remove the layers that cover my real “Self”.
In the eight limbs of Rajas yoga dharana-concentration and dhyana-meditation are very important, indeed necessary for Self realization. This is why we have brought quality, experienced teachers of meditation to SHIZEN to teach. Finally, I have made an appointment to sit for 15 minutes daily- same time, same place. Not to meditate. I dont want to create an illusion for myself or others. I think of it as “an appointment”- just to sit and focus my attention on my breath, on my body, on the parade of thoughts that stream through my mind, remaining conscious and present for as much or as long as possible during that time. For me it is the practice of being still. Of commitment. Of will power. More dharana than dhyana. I know it will not be easy or quick, but I have decided to choose as Duncan Sensei says “high grade short term discomfort now, over the low grade long term missery of a life time.” It has taken many years for me to commit to “sitting still” daily. I wonder if others are sitting? If so for how long, and using what strategies? If you are not sitting- why?

カルマヨガは、見返りを期待しないで他の人のために役立つ行動をすることです。3月21日の祝日を機会に、SHIZENヨガスタジオの初「カルマヨガの日」を行います。この日の皆さんの受講料を全てを平和、エコロジー、人権などのために寄付します。今回の寄付の送り先は、「日本ビルマ救援センター」と「JIM- Net」という二つのNGOです。


JIM- Netは、日本イラク医療支援ネットワークの略称で、イラクで活動しているお医者さんと白血病などのガンで苦しんでいる子どもたちを支援しています。多くの子どもたちは劣化ウラン爆弾の影響で被爆していると思われています。広島と長崎の原爆の被爆者と似た症状が今のイラクの子どもたちにおきていると報告されています。皆さんの寄付するお金は、薬などの医療支援、患者や家族の生活や心の支援、そしてJIM-NETの活動資金として使われいます。JIM-NETにご関心のある方、を御覧下さい。




 9:00-10:30 入門/レベル1 (ドミニカ)
 11:00-12:30 アヌサラインスパイヤードヨガ入門 (ミカ)
 13:00-14:30 ヨガママ (メリッサ)
 15:00-15:45 ヨガキッズ 4~7才 (メラニー)
 16:30-18:00 初めてのヨガ (マドカ)

 10:00-11:30 クリシュナマチャリアのヨガ入門 (ナオ)


Karma yoga is the yoga of selfless giving to benefit others. March 21st is a national holiday and we will be having a Karma Yoga Day at SHIZEN. All class fees will be donated to charity to support peace, humanity, and ecology. The chosen charities are: the Burmese Relief Center of Japan and JIM-Net.

The Burmese Relief Center–Japan (BRC-J) support projects run by refugees and internally displaced people living on or near the Thai-Burma border. BRC-J’s donations support projects that promote empowerment of people who have had to flee their homes due to civil war or violent repression of culture and political beliefs. SHIZEN’s Madoka has been in contact with this NGO since 1996, is familiar with their work, and can vouch for the fact that 100% of our donations will go to supporting refugee projects. Because BRC-J is a very grassroots organization, they are able to provide assistance to places which cannot be reached by larger and more official institutions. They are thus able to use their contacts to provide funds for projects that are organized in unofficial refugee camps even on the Burma side of the Thai-Burma border.  Aid is used for things such as medical care, education, women’s empowerment, and projects to pass down traditional culture and knowledge. For more information about BRC-J (in Japanese), see . Contact Madoka if interested in more information on the condition of human rights and environment in Burma.  

JIM-Net stands for the Japan-Iraq Medical Network, and this organization provides assistance for Iraqi doctors, and for children suffering from leukemia and other cancers in Iraq. Much of this cancer is thought to be a result of the use of depleted uranium in missiles dropped by American and other militaries. Symptoms similar to those seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bombs were dropped are now reported being seen in children in Iraq. Donations to JIM-Net are used for medicines and other medical assistance, liveihood and emotional support for families of patients, and to support JIM-Net’s activities. For those interested to learn more about JIM-Net, please see their website at:

Your attendance on March 21st will help spread the cycle of good deeds! While Burma and Iraq often feel far removed from our everyday lives here in Japan, we are all living through this same age, sharing the same air, the same earth.  Through our first Karma Yoga Day, SHIZEN Yoga Studio would like to make this connection to the people of Burma and Iraq, and contribute something to peace and a better future. We hope you will join us.

Regularly scheduled classes in Studio A will be cancelled on March 21st so that the following classes can be offered.  Reservations are available on the regular reservations page at .

We accept tickets, regular class fees or any donations.

Studio A Schedule:
9:00-10:30    Intro / Level 1, Dominica.
11:00-12:30  Anusara Inspired Yoga, Mika
13:00-13:45  Yoga Kids (age 4-7),  Melanie. 
14:00-15:30 Yoga Moms, Melissa
16:30-18:00 Yoga Basics, Madoka

Studio B Schedule
10:00-11:30  Intro (K), Nao